Saturday, June 26, 2010

Change of plans...

Well the squares I was doing in the Extended Double Crochet just didn't look right... they didn't have neat 'square' edges, and when I did a heap of them, I found it difficult to go around them in white.  So although I am still going to make a Queen sized bedspread, I won't be continuing with this EXDC pattern.

I have since found a nice V-stitch that I am using to make squares for blankets for my sister-in-law's six children.  We've designated them a colour each, so I'm starting them now, to be ready to give as Christmas presents (It's summer here in Australia then, but they'll be ready to use as soon as it gets a bit frosty ;-)

I'll have to take a picture of the squares as soon as I am able, so you can see how lovely this V-stitch is.  When I decide on a new square for my bedspread, and make all the new measurements... I'll definitely let you know!  Because its a variegated maroon/pink/white yarn, I want a pattern that is not too complicated, but shows off the gorgeous colours... any suggestions?

Sunday, May 30, 2010

My Daughter's Long Shirt

Here is the first thing I made for my daughter... its a long shirt (or short dress, depends on how you look at it, lol).  I think I did a fair enough job, although in this photo, it is not totally finished (no buttons or edging!) because someone was feeling impatient to put it on and take a photo.

I think the model is the the cutest thing in the photo though ~ beautiful Imogen is 5 years old :-D

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Crafting With Style: Afghan & Blanket Sizes

I was looking around for some "averages" for making various sized bedspreads/afghans/blankets.  Although I have found that for my personal preference I am making mine bigger for my queen sized bed, Crafting With Style: Afghan & Blanket Sizes gives sizes for all different beds, as well as according to usage (ie: lap throw, baby blanket etc.)

I think it's a job well done, and I thoroughly recommend you bookmark it for yourself... maybe even share the link around as it is SO useful.  Way to GO Crafting With Style !

A Queen Sized Bedspread...

I am making a Queen sized bedspread out of a beautiful variegated yarn that my sister bought me for Mother's Day... it is a combination of a maroon colour, pink and white.  I am making these 6" (15cm) granny squares in Extended Double Crochet, then doing an half inch border around in white (to be joined together).

At the moment, I have done 13 squares (without the white).  Once I have fourteen, then I am going to crochet in white around the coloured squares, then join them together in a strip.  This is one row (width ways) of the bedspread.  My mum helped me calculate how many of everything I had to do, to do it as wide as the bed, plus adding the overhang, based on the queen bed being 60" x 80".  Our final calculations are: the spread will measure 84" x 102" ~ and this means it will be fourteen squares by seventeen squares.  The total number of squares I will need to make is... 238!!!! Eeeeeeesh, this blanket will take forever, and a day ~ but it will be worth it :-D

Now, doing that many squares may get monotonous, so I am thinking up another project to crochet for the 'in between times' when I am feeling so over doing squarey square squares ~ I'm off to search the web for inspiration!


Hello to everyone out there!

I have started this blog out of my newfound love of learning to crochet... I am loving it so much that I just had to blog about it :-)

I'm going to scour the internet for all the info I can get, I want to share my projects and I want to hear from you all too.  I am so glad that I can crochet, and it is something that I can do that adds to my life, home and family...

So let's GO!!!